About us

Hopkins County Paranormal Society was founded in Hopkins County, Kentucky back in 2006. We are a non-profit organization that assist individuals who believe they are being affected by paranormal activity through indepth research and investigation, using current technology as well as our unique tactical abilities obtained through our many years of experience and knowledge of the paranormal. We aim to reveal rational, logical  explanations to anomalies that are considered paranormal, so as to eliminate the things that can be explained from the things that cannot be explained. HCPS recognizes that there is phenomena that exceeds our rational understanding. Therefore, it is important to separate fact from fiction in order to reveal these truly rare occurrences.  We also seek to educate other paranormal teams and investigators in the proper use of technology, debunk false histories, and assist others in developing  reliable techniques when conducting paranormal investigations. We are not “experts” as there are no “experts” in the paranormal. However, we are experienced, constantly training, learning, working, and positively contributing to the paranormal community.  We will endeavor to raise public and professional awareness of the paranormal field and encourage those in the paranormal community to continually educate themselves in the current technology being used, history, techniques, and evidence analysis. This will only serve to benefit those presumably affected by the paranormal as well as the credibility of those working to further paranormal research.

HCPS is also an Official GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew) member.





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